About Neuroscience:

There are many brain disorders including developmental, mental and neurodegenerative diseases. They represent an enormous disease burden, in term of human suffering, that affects more than 45 million people worldwide. An aging population promises a dramatic increase in pathologies related to the brain, which vary from psychiatric diseases such as depression to neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of those disorders related to the brain are chronic, incurable conditions to date and are very expensive to treat or are high in indirect cost (lost productivity, emotional and financial burden for the patient, caregivers and state). That’s why more tools are needed to boost investigation in order to understand those diseases and their patterns, and to identify better methods of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and, perhaps, cures. Persei vivarium has already launched its own products focused on making headway in the treatment of poorly understood conditions of those pathologies.

The brain and its conditions is the main focus of neuXom®, our affordable initiative that use big healthcare data exploration for easy and effective investigation on brain diseases. neuXom® enables working in small groups or larger multidisciplinary groups composed by physicians from different specialities and other stakeholders with the aim of contributing to better understanding of brain diseases and finding the best treatment for patients.