Our mission:

Persei vivarium is an Digital Health company engaged in optimizing and improving the pathologies management throughout the continuum of care. To do so, we capture clinical information and transform it into knowledge and high impact actions.

Our approach allows the generation of quality data of pathologies and treatments, on an unprecedented geographical scale, by offering our customers the ability to get extraordinary value from daily clinical practice data and patient experience.

The Persei vivarium solutions are used for hundreds of hospitals in many countries. We are present in the most relevant clinical areas (cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, rheumatology, oncology, respiratory, pain, etc.) by providing our innovative technology and services.

Our objectives:

  • Allow our customers to generate their own Digital Health projects.
  • Generate disruptive knowledge about pathologies.
  • Provide solutions applied to the continuum of care.
  • Research to develop better treatments and therapies and boost prevention and early diagnosis.

Our Digital Health values:

  • Innovative technology: our technology facilitates the construction of innovative and disruptive Digital Health solutions.


  • Security: Persei vivarium protect clinical information ensuring maximum privacy and security.


  • Extensive expertise: the wide experience of our highly qualified and multidisciplinary team of people and our innovative approach to technology is the added value of Persei vivarium.


  • Science department: all our Digital Health applications and products have been developed with the required scientific rigor as a solid foundation for technologically advanced algorithms.