Why vivarium

Our Science Team

We have developed a Science & Research Team that is working on a strongly multidisciplinary basis, which emerges naturally from projects involving health and information and communication technologies. Our in-house Vivarium Research Team is also connected with researchers in academia, closely working on the projects with clinical and research staff in health institutions.

This research team has run a number of projects in ICT for health with hospitals and with the industry, and we have started biomedical engineering programs and courses with strong innovation and enterpreneurship fundamentals. We have been working with data, signals, and images in medical departments such as cardiology, neurology, intensive care units, and hospital information systems.

We work with long-term monitoring signals (cardiovascular and others), with spatio-temporal analysis, and with visualization. We also work on retrieving information from heterogeneous databases with intelligent learning systems and from big data technologies. We have reached several milestones in connecting this information with the electronic health recording from patients, with hospital information systems and with personal health records or aggregated information in current and emerging wearable devices, and with the cloud.

We have contributed more than 200 impact publications and carried out more than 50 R&D projects in ICT with hospitals and electromedicine companies. Our team is internationally connected with universities and hospitals in USA, Europe (Norway, Sweden) and Latin America.

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