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The Science Team at Persei vivarium is growing. We are looking for young and experienced researchers with an interest in putting together ICT, health, specialized medicine, wearables, medical databases, and emergent technologies. Experience in medical environments is valuable, as are knowledge and skills with data processing, biomedical signals and images analysis, machine learning and data bases, and interest in big data systems.

But most of all, we are looking for people who are concerned with extracting the information conveyed in current medical data sources and turning it into useful and meaningful systems for health support in any medical area. We seek professionals and beginners who want to learn in actual multidisciplinary environments with engineering and medicine working together. We want researchers still thinking that it is possible to put together the best of academia (rigor, robustness, advanced data analysis, fundamental research, publications with actual impact on the society) with the best of industry (creation of useful and valuable systems for the medical world, entrepreneurship, sustainability, agility, applied research) and the best of the health system (clinicians and health staff, specialized medicine, patient care and attention).

We need researchers contributing with their best experience and knowledge, but still with the enthusiasm and the ability to leave their comfort zones, to keep growing and learning from others, and strong enough to still think that coordination and creativity can produce the best results from the best research in biomedical big data analysis.

So, if any of this catches your attention, just contact us any time. We look forward to hearing from you.

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