Enabling the continuity of care
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Improving the outcomes in oncology


with ReseaArch®

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May 5, 2022
Transformation of the health system using “Digital Twins”
Apr 20, 2022
Real-Life Data reported by patients: What do they contribute in oncology?
Apr 6, 2022

Digital Health ecosystems

We are developing awesome Digital Health products to enhance health awareness.

Our solutions are focused on different healthcare areas such as clinical research, pathologies management, patient itineraries and remote patient monitoring.

About Persei vivarium

Persei vivarium is a Digital Health company engaged in optimizing and improving pathologies management throughout the continuum of care.

To do so, we capture clinical information and transform it into knowledge and high impact actions.

Innovative technology

We have invested the last years in designing and building a technology able to create Digital Health ecosystems based on the wide expertise of our human team.

This technology (Perseed®) facilitates the construction of innovative and disruptive Digital Health solutions.