On Digital Healthcare event: Focused on digital transformation

by Jessica Herráiz, June 5, 2019

After the success of the first event, Persei vivarium had the pleasure of attending the 3rd On Digital Healthcare event, organized by iKN Spain.  Disruptive Digital Health experiences were discussed, along with new eHealth models, as well as keys to a strategic technological roadmap to leading the digital transformation of the sector.

The general agreement of the presenters was that Spain has begun to pick up the pace on digital integration and transformation in the health sector.  They predicted that this would continue growing exponentially over the next few years.  In fact, there are already digital initiatives underway that have reduced healthcare system congestion by some 23%, as telemedicine has done.  This digital solution is beginning to be used more frequently by private healthcare organizations.

In the context of digital transformation, the pharmaceutical sector has positioned itself as a “driving force.”  Despite that, most realize that they are not prepared for the technological tsunami that is coming.  One assertion was evident, and was echoed in the forum: “Technology is advancing more quickly than we can process it, and the pioneer will set the pace of the transformation.”  If Alexa is beginning to meet medical needs, everyone else must get in the innovation line.

On the other hand, the more clinical panels had suggestions about how health outcomes could be improved. One of the ideas revolved around how to quantify the impact of digitization on the improvement of patient’s health and quality of care. Medical professionals stressed the need to know the past, in order to treat the present and be able to face the future. To accomplish that, they mentioned that Spain has large quantities of health data available, and the challenge consists in structuring that information in order to take advantage of it, for example through the creation of clinical registries.

Everyone concluded with the same statement, that health data are a current and future strategic asset of any public or private business.

Finally, it was mentioned that, in order to carry out this process of digital transformation in the healthcare environment, the teams that lead these initiatives must be digital themselves and specialized in technology.  At this point, we cannot forget the role performed by the technology businesses in this process, as they are the ones with the key digital experience to recognize which projects are viable and can have a major impact.  At Persei vivarium, we feel especially proud of our team, as it is mainly formed by experts in the field of technology and health.  That is one of our main competitive values.

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Jessica Herráiz

Jessica Herráiz

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