Big Data is the Future of Health. We participated in South Summit 2019

by Patri Domínguez, October 16, 2019

The fourth South Summit, the biggest European event focused on innovation and entrepreneurship, took place in Madrid during the first week of October.

The purpose of this annual event is to gather together entrepreneurs, investors, startups, and corporations in order to connect them with the most innovative business opportunities and explore the most important trends in the technology sector.

In addition to being a very important meeting place for businesses and investors, South Summit has become the most suitable place to discover the advances and the future of innovation at the hands of the most important actors in the business and technology environment.

Our CEO, Roberto Bravo, had the pleasure of being invited to participate as a panelist at a roundtable that considered the future of healthcare guided by Big Data. During his presentation, Roberto reviewed his experience in this sector and, along with the other participants, discussed the way in which this is benefitting data management in the healthcare field, as well as the significant potential offered by a quality healthcare data lake throughout the continuum of care.

The roundtable also included other major players in the healthcare world like Santiago de Torres, President of Atrys Health, Jaime del Barrio from Ernst & Young, and David Labajo from GE Healthcare, who provided their perspectives on this reality, on the position occupied by Spain in relation to the international community, and where we are headed.

Opportunities like this allow us to connect with other entrepreneurs and disruptive startups, so that together we can create new business opportunities that enable us to advance into a more innovative and technological future.

Persei vivarium would like to thank Jaime del Barrio, who organized the “Big Data is the Future of Health” roundtable, for including us in the discussion, and to congratulate the organizers of South Summit for this new and successful event.

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Patri Domínguez

Patri Domínguez

Business Development

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