Successful expansion of the National Sacral Neuromodulation Registry driven by the “Spanish Society of Coloproctology” (AECP)

by Patricia Domínguez, May 23, 2024

The National Sacral Neuromodulation Registry was launched in January of 2023 as a multicenter observational study sponsored by the Spanish Society of Coloproctology (AECP), focused on patients with proctological pelvic dysfunctions, including fecal incontinence, who have received implanted sacral neuromodulation therapy (NMS).

In Spain, this therapy is widespread, and has been implemented in reference centers, but currently there is a lack of uniform scientific information regarding patient selection, electrical parameters, or long-term evolution, among other aspects. In addition, knowledge is lacking about the number of implants by region, or whether there are areas in which the population does not have access to this therapy.

Because of this, the AECP initiated this national patient registry, with the collaboration of Medtronic Ibérica, developed using Persei vivarium’s digital platform. The goal of the registry is to have current and real information about patients receiving NMS therapy in Spain, to understand their progress, the results of the implants and their satisfaction with the implants, and to generate scientific evidence regarding treatment of fecal incontinence and other dysfunctions included in the registry.

There are already 34 Spanish centers participating in the registry, a number that increases by the week, enabling the project to grow successfully and reach additional centers that are currently using this therapy. Those centers can indicate their interest in participating in the registry by following the instructions in the AECP invitation.

Thanks to the launch of this registry, it is becoming possible to obtain relevant detailed and high-quality information on a national level about the treatment of fecal incontinence and other dysfunctions. It is hoped that the project will continue to grow, encouraging the flow of knowledge between practitioners and contributing a complete view of this type of patient and therapy in Spain. In addition, this registry will provide real-world information about the most common indications and their geographic distribution at a national level.

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Patricia Domínguez

Patricia Domínguez

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