International Women’s Day 2024: Invest in women, accelerate progress

by Persei vivarium, March 8, 2024

At Persei vivarium, we join once again in observance of International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8th, under the theme of this year proposed by UN Women: “Invest in women, accelerate progress.”

Despite the progress that has been made, women continue to face significant obstacles that prevent them from participating equally in activities and the economy. Together with the current worldwide situation of economic, geopolitical, and climatic instability, this has intensified the already existing inequalities, which threaten to leave more than 342 million women and girls below the poverty line in 2030, according to UN Women data.

Because of this, on March 8th, the need to address this situation as a priority will be affirmed, promoting investment in measures that will:

  • Guarantee the rights of women and girls
  • End the poverty that disproportionately affects women and girls
  • End violence against women
  • Encourage the change to a green economy and a care society in which women’s voices are heard and valued
  • Promote the development of women and girls through training and education
  • Incorporate gender perspectives across all the areas of work, policies, programs, and practices in public or private institutions and organizations.

To address the immense challenge of gender equality, all areas of society need to participate: institutions, businesses, groups, and individual persons. We all need to take part in this movement in order to reach this objective and build a non-sexist, inclusive, and sustainable future. Will you join us?

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Persei vivarium

Persei vivarium