Impact of Persei vivarium in the fight against COVID-19

  • More than 100 hospitals and hundreds of clinical professionals, researchers, and healthcare organizations are using technology from the Spanish Digital Health company, Persei vivarium, in COVID-19 projects.
  • These initiatives are helping to reduce the workload in hospitals, improve the quality of life for affected persons, and accelerate research on coronavirus.
  • Within just a few weeks, Persei vivarium has been able to adapt its technological ecosystem to many of the challenges resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.
  • These projects address relevant topics like the in-home monitoring of infected patients, the impact of COVID-19 on other diseases, and the socio-medical effects of coronavirus.

Madrid, May 1, 2020 – Technology from Persei vivarium, a Digital Health company with a focus on disease management and Real-World Data, is being used by more than 100 hospitals in multiple high-impact initiatives related to COVID-19. Thanks to their experience in rolling out projects in various clinical areas, the company has been able to quickly adapt its technological ecosystem to the huge challenges presented by this global crisis, undertaking projects in collaboration with clinical professionals, researchers, and organizations in the healthcare environment.

Remote management of the progress of COVID-19 patients

A notable project is one in collaboration with the multinational health technology corporation, Medtronic, which is focused on the remote management of the progress of COVID-19 patients. This is an initiative aimed at reducing the healthcare workload in the National Health System, facilitating a monitoring platform for COVID-19 patients during their in-home confinement. The tool allows providers to stay on top of possible complications that could develop in those patients, in addition to establishing the necessary guidelines for monitoring at the appropriate time.

The technology platform on which this service is provided has been used successfully in multiple clinical projects and healthcare programs by hundreds of hospital centers and prestigious healthcare institutions. Different data points describing the health of the patient are gathered by a mobile application and sent to the support center in charge of validating the information. These data eventually go to the healthcare providers for their analysis and action.

This platform has already been installed in hospitals in Madrid, Cataluña, and Andalucía, and within a few days will begin to be used in hospital centers in Portugal.

Research accelerated by technology

In order to generate evidence and knowledge about coronavirus, and to understand how the illness affects patients with other underlying diseases, Persei vivarium is actively collaborating on the development of research projects and registries related to COVID-19.

One example of this is the project launched by the Ministry of Health, EPICOS, implemented on Persei vivarium platforms. The Clinical Trial for the Prevention of Coronavirus Infection in Healthcare is one of the largest studies of this type in Europe and will involve the participation of 4,000 healthcare professionals.

In addition to the clinical registries that analyze the impact of coronavirus on people with different chronic diseases, one notable example of the projects using the Persei vivarium systems is an important clinical study analyzing how the disease affects pregnant women. The results of this project promise to be very enlightening, and a reference for the worldwide scientific community.

Social impact of COVID-19

In this global crisis, the effects of the pandemic undoubtedly reach beyond just the persons infected by coronavirus.  Persei vivarium is a company with a profound commitment to generating a positive social impact for society, as is reflected in its articles of organization. As a result, the company is also involved in the development of projects that focus on the psychological and emotional support of people affected by this crisis.

These initiatives, with a technological basis and centered on the person, also attempt to measure the impact of coronavirus in social terms, beyond the clinical aspects, putting the focus on how the patient’s entire environment is affected.

Secure and robust technology at the service of the healthcare system

All these projects use Persei vivarium technology which, thanks to its adaptability, has enabled the development of these projects with the speed that these times require.

This technology ecosystem used in multiple countries to manage healthcare projects in a secure manner has been converted, during this crisis, into an instrument of support for the healthcare system, and is facilitating the growth of knowledge about coronavirus and its impact on people who are sick, along with their environment.


Patricia Domínguez

Patricia Domínguez

Business Development

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