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 by Ana Rubial | Jan 10, 2019  

At the end of the year, on November 27th, Persei vivarium attended an important Isabel Gemio Foundation’s event at CaixaForum – the foundation was created by the leading journalist Isabel Gemio to raise awareness of rare diseases in Spain.

At the event Persei vivarium had the opportunity to share with prominent scientists and physicians in the investigation of rare diseases. The two main takeaways were:

  • the need for basic research to understand much better the pathologies and thus find treatments was one of the main highlights.
  • the fast growing role of technology and its involvement in science.

And on a special note the event ended with a inspiring video clip made by young patients to show how their day to day is and the challenges they and their families and friends face.

The foundation deserves a lot of credit for making ‘rare diseases’ much more visible in our society.  

There are a lot of challenges for physicians, scientists, patients and their relatives. At Persei vivarium we can contribute through our technology to overcoming them.

To know more and support the work of this great foundation ‘Isabel Gemio Foundation’: (@FundIsabelGemio).

International information on Rare Diseases:

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Ana Rubial

Ana Rubial

Account Manager

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