3rd Patient Experience Congress: “Patient experience as central element in healthcare improvement”

by Jessica Herraiz | April, 24 2019 

Persei vivarium was at the 3rd Patient Experience Congress organized by IEXP (Institute for Patient Experience), where there was a discussion of clinical and nonclinical needs of the patient in as their journey through a disease.

Thanks to this forum, we heard in person the opinions of all the agents involved in the management of oncological diseases. The session concentrated on the empowerment of the patients and the importance of their nonclinical needs and experiences, as well as how technology helps to take these issues into account, thus improving the healthcare process for the oncology patient.

In this way, digital health has a lot to contribute, helping to optimize the patient’s treatment, and facilitating the inclusion of their point of view throughout the process.

The impact of new oncological therapies on patient improvement was also discussed. It is hoped that, within a few years, these therapies will transform the approach to diseases, so it will be necessary to systematize evaluation of the data and to provide results that contribute additional value by reporting the patient’s daily experience.

So it’s not enough to report on effectiveness and safety!  Now it is also important to introduce real life data and patient quality of life into the value equation.

At Persei vivarium we firmly believe that the patient’s role is fundamental to this process, as their point of view contributes value to the management of the disease, helping to improve the personalization of medicine.

For this reason, we are currently focusing our work on our patient app, Caaring®, for bidirectional communication between the patient and the doctor. We are also developing a new functionality that will allow patients to be more involved, thanks to their access to the information about the disease and the activities that will help them to follow up in an appropriate way. Relevant information about a disease is positively valued by the patient, as 71% of them agree that they are not knowledgeable about where they can find reliable, quality information.

Caaring® allows the creation of different Patient Programs and the manegement of the patient experience coming from Real Life Data. It helps patients with remote monitoring of the disease, providing them peace of mind and also guaranteeing data security, which is one of their current technological concerns.

Finally, at the session they reflected on the three key factors that must be taken into account: empathizing with and understanding the patient’s situation, including the patient in the decision-making process and, finally, relying on technology, the key partner in the patient’s empowerment.

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Jessica Herráiz

Jessica Herráiz

Business Development

Persei vivarium