3rd National Symposium regarding Real-World Data in Oncology: Breaking new ground

by Ángel Pablo Barrera, October 2, 2019

On September 20th and 21st, numerous experts in the field of oncology gathered in León for the 3rd National Symposium about Real-World Data in Oncology (OncoRWD). Given its relevance and our current work at Persei vivarium along this line, we could not miss this event.

The symposium included the participation of oncology and nursing specialists. Some patients also participated by sharing their perspectives and the importance of the role they play in the entire disease process.

To start the discussion on Real World Data (RWD) in this specialty, the day began by analyzing the participation of patients, who are becoming the center of the healthcare paradigm. Their vision is a fundamental part of the care process and key to the development of quality RWD.

After that, the use, ethical-legal barriers and opportunities (along with the support of new technologies) of RWD within medical oncology were assessed, and it was agreed that it has a great future in research and in the generation of evidence (Real World Evidence).

Finally, we analyzed real cases of European projects such as Harmony, observational studies and records where Real-World Data is used to generate outcomes within this area and for which collaboration was requested between the different stakeholders (industry, healthcare centers and technological agents) to generate national/international collaboration platforms.

To conclude the day in the words of Dr. Andrés García Palomo, scientific coordinator of the symposium, the applicability of the RWD is not only important in the field of oncology, but also in other areas of healthcare, making it necessary to encourage its use.

We are working on this at Persei Vivarium, since we firmly believe that RWD plays a fundamental role in the medicine of the future, allowing it to complement clinical trials and generate hypotheses of great value, and also to have a real perspective on the patient’s situation during his/her disease. All this will allow the evolution towards the individualization of each patient’s care, and the generation of more precise medication.

For our part, we can only congratulate the Castilian-Leonese Association of Oncology for organizing the symposium. We continue working to facilitate technology capable of helping the doctor and the patient during the management of the disease, generating quality RWD through our platforms.

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Ángel Pablo Barrera

Ángel Pablo Barrera

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